Hello and welcome to “The Dragon” site, an animated project involving a rather large dragon, in search of treasure. At least for the pilot. The hope for this project is to establish the pilot which follows the Dragon and his quest for treasure.


The story was conceived and directed by University of Alaska Fairbanks student Caleb Sterns, with the animated done by Thomas Petrie. Luke Williams, in that time made the website and casted the actors for the trailer. The project beganĀ in a pre-visualization class, this project went from script, to storyboarding, to an animatic and into it’s trailer form.

The Trailer features the voices of UAF Students; Ryan Anderson (Fairy, Mermaid, Extras),Ryan Osborne (Prince, Extras),Thomas Petrie (Extras) Caleb Sterns (Pirate Captain, Extras) and Luke Williams (Dragon, Oopey, Sailor, Extras)

The Show

The Series will be structured into ten-fifteen minute episodes, each following the Dragon on his wayward adventures, comically following him inadvertently running into or causing a problem, and in his attempt to fix it, ends up making the situation either worse or miraculously making it better by it’s end. The tone of the show is comedic, aimed towards adults in a fairy-tale style format, exaggerating/altering many of its themes for the sake of adult humor. The aim is to make it appear deceptive, audience expecting an animated show about a dragon for kids, but turning out to focus on adult humor and appealing to adults.

The production will be different in terms of typical animated shows, as the project’s intention for production of the animation will be handled locally by Petrie and a small team of animators for him to work with in animating the short. Due to our decision to animate locally, production will be extended to accommodate with this, this does mean that scripts have to be ready on time with the post production team ready to go with sound and effects as soon as the animation is done. This is done in the hopes to keep a good schedule for the process of production so as to not take an overly long time to get a season out if it is picked up and licensed for more than one season.

The Target Audience

The target audience for this series is late teens/adult crowds, reflecting the show’s humor and tone. The cut off at the very least would be making the show with the lowest rating of TV-14, but a preferred rating of TV-MA for the hopeful audience. If only to allow for the freedom of production and adult humor.

Media Outlet

If unable to get the proper funding or creative freedom of expression, the team will attempt to make the series available online as an independent series, perhaps on youtube or on a separate website. Otherwise, the hope is to have the series put on television perhaps as a late-night program. Regardless, we want to get this series out in some fashion to whomever would take it and run it.





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